It is with great pride that the AAQ announces the XXXII Annual Conference of the Association, to be held at the historical location of Oka Abbey, from April 25th to the 28th. The Oka Historical Society, created in 1985 to raise awareness of the rich history of the municipality and its region, will be helping us organize the event.

source: Corporation de l'abbaye d'Oka

source: Corporation de l’abbaye d’Oka

source: Corporation de l'abbaye d'Oka

source: Corporation de l’abbaye d’Oka

The conference will be entitled « Oka Mission 2013, Return and Renewal! ». The words « Mission » and « Oka » refer primarily to the Mission of the Lake of Two Mountains, founded at this location in 1721 by the Saint-Sulpice missionaries. In view of this, the conference organizers wish to hold a session which focuses on bringing up to date knowledge of the region of the lake of Deux-Montagnes, situated a few kilometers from Montréal, not far from the confluence of the Outaouais and Saint-Laurent rivers. The words « return » and « renewal » represent the desire of the organisers to fuel a discussion that concerns not only the past, but also the future of Québec archaeology. We are referring especially to the recent changes to the regulatory framework (laws and regulations), to our relationship with the various Aboriginal and Métis communities, to the renewal and improvement of scientific methods, to the growing role of free software, as well as to the new issues of communication as it pertains to archaeology. Thus, in addition to the presentation of the various scientific papers, the organizers foresee the establishment of a poster session, round table discussion, and workshops. Futhermore, the conference rooms will be put at the disposal of the members, and a public conference will be open to the regional population.

Source: Nicolas Cadieux

Source: Nicolas Cadieux

As with any self-respecting conference, there will also be a wide range of social activities. For example, the opening evening on Thursday night will take place in the magnificent chapel of the Oka abbey. Friday night, we will hold a bonfire on the beach of Oka national park, accompanied by a Méchoui  and music, and on Saturday night, there will be a regional gastronomic tour. We also foresee a range of different activities in Oka national park, including  discovering bats as you hike through the trees, a visit to the in situ portion of the BiFm-01 site on the beach, or an evening hike at Calvaire d’Oka.

The AAQ therefore calls upon everyone to assure the success of the conference. We are actively looking for individuals to aid in the organisation of the sessions and workshops, as well as communication proposals on the part of researchers. We also hope to encourage the active participation of university students via the poster session and via a session dedicated to « works in progress ». We are consequently counting on university professors and student associations to promote the event. To share your interests, you can contact us via the « Soumission de sessions, présentations, affiches » (Submission of sessions, presentations, posters) page.

Page translated by: Terren Proctor terren.proctor@mail.mcgill.ca

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